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Leisures and Activities in Vals-Les-Bains and in Ardèche




Main thermal and touristic resort in Vivarais, Vals les Bains enjoys a sunny and warm climate, almost mediteranean, scenic views. Vals les Bains lays in the centre of the Bas Vivarais, and close to scores of leisures.


You can relax in the shade of beautiful cedars in the Casino Park, the leisures, 4 tennis court (two clay court), an Olympic swimming-pool, a casino (theatre, spectacles, nightclub, cinema with some English movies), swimming in rivers or to go fishing for trout.


Ardèche is also one of the most beautiful department in France, because it is the most diversified, contrasting, the richest in sceneries and colourful people.

Ardèshe is the deep rooted France, the true France, the one deeply rooted in the earth and ancestral virtues, as strong as the old chestnut trees.


Captivated by the beauty of its landscapes, you will be surprised by the numerous natural wonders such as Le Pont d’Arc, the wood of Païolove, La Cocalière (one of France’s three greatest caves), Le Mont-Gerbier de Jonc, Le lac d’issarlès or Le défilé de Ruoms.


Beside these natural curiousities, L’Ardèche is rich of women and men who make live their land. Tenacious and rooted Farmers, pleasant wine-growers, and clever artisan.


They will welcome you in their truth and their kindness.

Activities in Vals les Bains


  • Les Thermes - Vals les Bains

  • Le Parc du Casiono - Vals les Bains

  • La Maison Champanet


  • Tennis

  • Swimming Pool

  • Hiking


Activities in the surroundings


  • Antraïgue sur Volane (Le village de Jean FERRAT)

  • Le Pont du Diable - Thuyets

  • Le plateau Ardéchois (Le Lac d'Issarlès, Le Mont Gerbier de Jonc,...)

  • Les Gorges de l'Ardèche (Le Pont d'Arc, Le Défilé de Ruoms,...)

  • Le Bois de Païolives

  • La Grotte de la Cocalière

  • La Grotte Chauvet

  • And a lot more....


Sport Activities in the surroudings


  • Hiking

  • Mountain Bike

  • Canoe-Kayak

  • Canyoning

  • Rock Climbing

  • Speleology

  • Tennis

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