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The video of your travel:

More than 40 years of experience


Whether you are professionals of tourism, an association or a group of friends.. the Hotel Saint Jean offers its “discovery” service to organise all types of stays, according to your requests. Consult us, we have over 300 references from satisfied customers…


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Group Stay


At the time you are about to choose your next destination, we propose you “ An invitation to travel” in a country made for travelling, in order to transform your dreams into great vacation memories.


Discover today a wonderful area appealing all your senses. An enchanting Ardèche, a poetic Ardèche which bears an age-old past, an historical and natural heritage unique and exceptional.


From the vivid colours of Narcissus of spring to colours of autumn, go up and down these limpid landscapes.


Here, Mother Nature is always dominating, in the famous natural brigde of Pont D’Arc hollowed out by a fiery river, in the chestnut and fir forest, in vast meadow where the Vine is Queen.


Come and see at the turn in medieval alleyways, these men and women “Ardéchois coeurs fidèle” who will offer to you their hospitality.


Yes, Ardèche is manifold and it is where lies its strenght ! Ardèche offers to Nature lovers an exceptional sight.


For next year, anticipate this unique moment in order to prepare it and to have the most wide range of dates available, and get in touch with us now.



The innkeeper




M. Renaud - Retraité ELF - FRANCE-GIRONDE

"...Visites et excursions nombreuses et variées, guide connaissant parfaitement et aimant son pays, cuisine de grande qualité qui a satisfait les plus gourmets, ambiance amicale et décontractée, personnel affable et compétent, tout notre groupe a été enchanté de ces quelques jours passés en votre compagnie..."



Consultez tous les témoignages de nos clients en demandant la plaquette de notre établissement.

"There is not a single since we have come back in Seine et Marne, I do not think about this travel." 


"My wife and I had never experienced such travel full of joy and happiness."



M. Mohr - Retraité Crédit Lyonnais - Seine et Marne

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